Many companies who participate in trade shows on a regular basis do not have the entire overview of all their
trade show results – simply because they don’t know how to do it – and not because they don’t want to.
If you ask a salesperson from your company if was busy at the trade show they tend to answer “yes, we were
really busy at the trade show” – but what is the term “really busy” is that 25 or a 100 visitors a day?

One simple way to measure the trade show result is to see if you meet your trade show targets you set up before
the trade show – if you prepare these goals in advance of cause – otherwise it may be difficult not to mention
impossible… To be able to measure your exact results will also put you in control and allow you to ne tune your entire
trade show setup

Put your self in control and digitize your visitor trade show registration today and be able to adjust that exact
trade show parameter you always have wanted and increase your ROI.
Many companies spend thousands of dollars on creative stand designs and do not spend that much time on
their most important asset – “their customers”. With a little extra you can get both and be much aware of your
trade show results.

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