The most important thing on a trade show is to ensure, that the leads your making will end up in the sales book. And to do this you must find a way to service your leads, with finding a balance between business and social interactions.

In this blogpost we will try to guide you to perform a better service, and moving leads to sales with just a few advices.

The first important thing is, “Look up!”

Back at the office, a sales situation will often be handled by phone, and therefore the salesperson can focus on the computer screen, while she/he is writing – and only the ears must focus on the customers words. At a trade show, the salesperson must both focus on the customer by listening and seeing, and it can be hard to make the right contact while typing customer information in the company’s system. Make sure before you leave for the trade show, that you have a system for writing down the information about a potential customer. The system should be as easy and fast to manage, so you can focus on the dialogue and making a good first experience for the customer with your company.

The second important thing is, “Don’t ask twice!”

A focus on an iphone or a computer can absorb the words in a room, and therefore use of online systems at trade shows can seem distracting. But the digitisation has its footing in the trade show market, and the only thing you can insure, is to make it supporting and not letting it take over. Advanced systems, with large writing spaces and long forms, can take the focus from the customer dialogue, and the salesperson must either choose to focus on the customer and remembering all the information for after, or she/he must ask the customer to repeat while typing into the system and listening. The repeat question is embarrassing, and a simpler system will make it way more smooth to dialogue while typing. The system should help you to answer two simple questions; who is the customer, and what does the customer want.                

The third important thing is, “Get close to your customers!”

You can quantify your leads with talking fast, but to qualify your leads you must consider what information you need from the customer, for making your lead into a sale. For you to identify the needs of the customer, and to match it with your company’s offering, a simple preparation will make it easier. Find a system there can segment your offerings, make them easy to access, and make sure that the customers can have more than just one interest in your product catalogue. With these system features, you can make an easy match between your customers needs and the company’s offer.  

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