The content of automated emails is often associated with formal language, boring use of words and pictures, and a setup there can seem very standard across companies and customers. Hence, this should not be the standard for your company to represent, and a modern email automation system, should provide you with better options, to balance between automation and personal approach.

The biggest advantage of using automation is the reduction in time, and that’s a point where companies rather make a compromise with the personal experience, than using more time. But with these simple steps, both things should be possible to achieve:

Find your own language

The most providers of automated email systems will give you a standard form to send out to your customers. This could for instance be a ‘thank you’ mail saying the most typical things in relation. Instead of using these forms, take out some time and write a text, saying thanks in your own words (or in your company’s). Maybe a more casual content would provide your company better, or maybe you rather hide your words in a picture. Writing an automated mail in your own language can make the mail seem way more personal, and with the correct content, this could be your new standard mail, to saying ‘thanks’ automatically.

Make clear who the sender is

Using an email service from an external provider, where both you and the external provider are shown in the mail, can be confusing for the customers. Therefore make sure, that your brand makes the most visible part of the mail. Use your logo, the colours that are associated with your brand, and make sure you place the setting for you company already in the mail. In this way it is easier for your customers to recognise you as the sender, and they will already have an insight in the company’s character.        

Choose when to automate

Automated emails should only being used as long as it makes sense; for one-way communication it could be used with advantage, but with more than one person communicating, it is better to do manual communication. After visiting a trade show, your customers are expecting a follow-up on their request, and the situation is evident for using an automated email services. Following-up on leads from trade shows should be an instant job, and an email automation is way more instant, than any of the sale personnels manual mails.      


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