About us

VivoLead is an easy follow-up, administration, and overview over your clients and opportunities at any sales event “on the go” – Optimise your sales opportunities.

Our goal is to help our partners, customers, and users to make the most of their sales event experience and to give them the chance to increase their ROI. We do this by offering the nost simple mobile sales tool within the industry – the overview and understanding of your opportunities at any “on the go” sales event.

Our core values







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All of our work is based on five values: Effectiveness, Overview, Measurement, Safety, and Customization. We believe that the result of these five values put together is the best possible experience for the partners’ customers or users of VivoLead.

Who are we?

Behind the brand, VivoLead stands a committed team. We always do our best to complete the sales experience for everyone involved.

VivoLead is based on many years of experience in the event and marketing industry, where the co-founder and CEO of VivoLead Henrik Nørgaard Nielsen have been working in different positions for more than 25 years.