VivoLead is not a CRM system

Many clients today are using all the well-known CRM application which also has a mobile version in most cases, but it is important to know the differences between those applications and Vivolead in order to determine what would be the best solution for you.

The overall main difference between these applications and VivoLead is that VivoLead is specially designed to handle trade show leads registrations and everything VivoLead offers in this respect has been specially developed to the exhibitor for the most easy-to-use mobile app experience.

Below you can see the differences between the mentioned solutions.

[table id=10 /]

  1. There is a number of mobile business card scanner apps that will import contact details into Microsoft dynamics and salesforce – but only contact data alone. You will have to log in either to Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce to finish your trade show registration.
  2. General dashboard – not specific ROI trade show data and no filtration for trade show options available.
  3. Integration is possible through 3rd party partner company of VivoLead (paid service)
  4. Offline edits are not possible
  5. This feature is possible (paid service) but not a built-in feature like VivoLead has to offer

All of the above mentioned mobile app solutions (excl. VivoLead) is not specifically designed for use at trade shows to capture and qualify leads but works much more like an extended mobile solution of a normal desktop CRM application.
This means that they all will be too complicated and to slow to operate for trade show use. However, VivoLead can still be used in combination with any of the above CRM solutions and be able to deliver trade show data to these in an efficient way or through direct synchronisation.

Use VivoLead as an in-between application that delivers trade show lead data to your main CRM solutions.