CRM integrations

For integration to your own customer CRM system we have two different ways to do this – either you let us do the integration for you in connection with your own IT people or you do it your self with own IT people or supplier using our API.


CRM Integration by VivoLead

Implemented by VIvoLead people

With this method we will be working closely with your own IT people to ensure that we deliver a satisfactory product to you that comply with all you standards as well as security issues. The price of this solution depends on your own IT platform and complexibility of your demands. (CRM integration only comes along with our VivoLead Business subscription)

CRM Integration - API model

Through API using own IT people

Using this method means that you will be able to implement this function using your own IT people or any other suppler of your choice and VivoLead will have no influence or responsibility on this implementation process. (CRM integration only comes along with our VivoLead Business subscription)

Price: €999.-

As a starting point, VivoLead can be integrated into all CRM systems that can import data from a spreadsheet file, such as Excel or similar.
However, it requires a so-called pairing of fields in the 2 systems, so when synchronizing with the customer’s CRM system, then this data are being placed into the correct fields subsequently (called field mapping in IT context).

It may also be relevant that there in the customer’s own CRM system, is a function that takes into account duplicates, so that customer registration is not created twice in the customer’s own CRM system, thus creating unnecessary problems structurally.

That is, in principle, VivoLead can be integrated into the most common and used CRM systems available on the market such as Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, SAP CRM, Zoho CRM, SuperOffice, and a lot of other CRM systems – no matter what whether it is an online application or a local server installed application at the customer.

However, it should be noted that there may be security procedures that must be respected in relation to the requirements that each VivoLead customer might have. Therefore, in each case where direct integration is required, it will be necessary to engage in dialogue with the company’s own IT department and provide a tuned process to succeed in direct CRM implementation.

As the scope of CRM integration can vary significantly from customer to customer, depending on the complexity of the individual customer, we will, on each project provide a fixed written offer before the possible initiated with the customer. Should an integration project prove that there are further technical issues that we have not been able to predict and to deal with, we are also required to invoice these costs in relation to our standard rate of development.

As a basic rule, a common CRM integration costs between 35 – 80,000.- Dkr depending on project size and complexity if it is done in collaboration with VivoLead.

For further information please contact Henrik Nørgaard Nielsen on