Easy to use

Simplicity is what makes every mobile app a success

VivoLead is the most “easy to use” lead registration tool out there for any salesperson and can be used on the go at trade show events or at daily sales meetings. The app is intuitive and it will only take a few minutes to learn how to use it.

  • Get started in 5 min.
  • Runs in 6 languages
  • Minimize administration
How to use VivoLead

Export data to CRM

Import lead data into your CRM system

You can easily export lead data from VivoLead and import this into your CRM system.

  • Import data in 2 sec.
  • Skip retyping all your lead data
  • save a ton of time

Save time

Time is money and getting more time is the key to success

Getting more time to prepare and finish daily tasks is what we all strive for – and getting more done in less time will affect your business in a positive way.

  • Save at least 20 minutes per lead.
  • Automate some basic tasks
  • Get more work done in less time
How to use VivoLead


See all your ROI results in real-time

It is essential to know your numbers no matter what kind of business you are in. With the VivoLead dashboard, you get all the numbers styled in your specific way that will allow you to optimise your business the way you like 

  • Get all ROI results in 1 dashboard
  • Filter on different events and periods
  • All data are shown in real-time

Track lead behaviour

Get to know your most warm leads

Would it not be nice to know who are the warmest leads you have? – with VivoLead you can. Get to know what emails have been opened and what product links leads have been clicking on as well as tracking their behavior on your website.

  • Get deep insights into your leads.
  • See what products they have been looking at
  • What emails have been opened and when

Instant reply

Convert more leads into paying customers

Did you know that leads that are getting an instant response from you have a 42% higher conversion rate on average? When talking to a client for the first time it is important to reply back as soon as possible to kick start the sales process.

  • Automatic instant mail reply
  • Define your own mail templates
  • Get more business