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Your best companion on every trade show

The VivoLead app with the integrated cloud system gives you a number of interesting features and functions that will make your exhibitor life simple and easy. We have taken everything into consideration when developing the new VivoLead app system that seamlessly integrates with the web in the most intuitive way that offers lots of advantages. On this page you will find answers to the most common questions from users.

VivoLead Mobile App

How does the Instantly follow up work?

VivoLead can automatically generate an email with the trade show customers personal name and details. This means that the follow-up process starts right at the trade show stand and the customer will receive this followup incl. your product catalog in his mailbox once he gets back home from the event.

This is probably one of the most appreciated features among our clients in the mobile app that leaves the most professional impression of your company.

What languages does Vivolead support?

VivoLead runs in 6 different languages supporting almost any requirements you may have. The supporting languages are: English, German, Danish, Chinese, French, and Spanish.

Where can I access the company's content?

As a standard VivoLead offers you the possibility to store PDF files as your product catalog, trade show promotion offer, your latest newsletter of a special customer event invitation. These files will automatically be incl. when you activate some of the built-in actions in VivoLead – easy and simple for you. Vivolead gives you 4 Incl. standard PDF files, but you also have the option of including 10 pcs. digital PDF files extra if wanted.

What about saving business cards?

You can automatically import text from business cards. The OCR function gives the opportunity to convert photos of business cards, taken with your mobile camera and store the text information directly in VivoLead. This is without writing anything at all, and will save you a lot of time on any trade show.

How do I use email automation?

As standard VivoLead offers you a number of actions where you easily can send information to your customers like a “Thank you letter incl. your product brochure” or Send the latest newsletter to the customer or invite the customer to one of your events or make a PDF report (a singe A4 sheet with all customer details incl. business card image) or send a trade show promotion offer just with one touch of your mobile device.

What platforms can work with VivoLead?

VivoLead is available for both tablets and mobile phones as well as it covers all the most wellknown mobile system you know like IOS, Android.

How does Vivolead assist customer details?

At any trade show it is important to be able to register the most important details about any customer and the following is possible in VivoLead: Customer priority: A, B or C – Customer type: New customer vs old customer – How they want information: Digital files vs Printed materials – Are survey allowed to send to the customer: yes or no – Do they want our newsletter: yes or no – Is there any urgent needs like: An Offer, Visit or Call. Along with product interests, these are all very important customer details which are implemented into VivoLead. (This area can be totally customised to meet your exact customer needs)

How to arrange meetings in VivoLead?

In VivoLead you can arrange meetings directly at the trade show booth/exhibition stand with the customer and with just one touch of button send an email confirmation to the customer easy and simple and you will get a copy of this confirmation into your own mailbox. You also have the option of implementing your own web calendar into VivoLead to see when you are available for meetings.

How to integrate product brochures?

In VivoLead you can integrate all you products brochures as web links which means that you can select brochures and send it to trade show customer in just seconds. By using web links there is no limitation in what you can send to the trade show customer. The customer will be able to easily download any product brochure you have sent to him or her. If you for some reason have not stored your brochures online we can offer you this service.

Will it be possible to store paper notes and sketches?

VivoLead enables you to take photos of drawings or sketches and store it inside VivoLead for later use. Many exhibitors finds it very handy since they do not need to keep track of all the traditional handwritten documents.

What if the company needs special functions?

We offer you the possibility to integrate your own special functions in VivoLead. Synchronize directly yo your own CRM system from VivoLead with the touch of a button or have your own functionalities built right into VivoLead to add more value to the standard app. We have huge experience implementing almost any kind of feature into VivoLead. Get an offer us today.

What about Excel export?

In VivoLead you can as standard export all customer registration as Excel for later import into your own CRM (customer relationship management system) with ease. Just with one touch of a button the export function will generate an Excel sheet with all individual customer data. This is a feature that normally is done after the trade show has finished.

Can Vivolead be used to share information with my colleges?

VivoLead offers a possibility to store information on all of your colleges at a Trade show. This means that if you have a dialog with an interested customer but the interest this customer has it not within your normal product responsibility then you can easily copy (CC:) one of your colleges on the outgoing follow-up mail to the customer. In this way your college will automatically be notified by mail about this business opportunity.

Can I access Vivolead in countries not supporting Google Play or iOS app store?

Yes. But if you are met with challenges in downloading or using VivoLeads products in countries that don’t support Google Play or IOS app store (ex. China, Hong Kong), then use one out of these methods for Android and Apple devices here

VivoLead Cloud System

How to upload content to the app?

Login to your account online and upload content to the VivoLead app for all users in one action.

Is there an access to a backup copy?

All your client information registered within the mobile app is automatically pushed to the VivoLead cloud system.

What is shown in the overview function?

See graphical representation of all your trade show figures in pie charts and other diagrams for an easy accumulated trade show results. You can even follow the figures in realtime as they happen on the show floor. (VivoLead business model)

What if more than one trade show take place?

Make it easy for your colleges to use VivoLead when participating a trade show. You can list all you trade show in the web interface and then your colleges would just need to select the right trade show then all related information is shown in the mobile app automatically.

How do I administrate new users?

In the web interface it is easy to administrate your company users. You can automatically invite users to join the VivoLead platform as well as you can stop and activate users here.

How to settle my Vivolead account?

In the VivoLead Cloud system you can also see all your invoices from the VivoLead company – any paid as well as any due invoice will be available here and there is also an easy way to pay for our service online using PayPal.

How to export client registrations as Excel?

As in the mobile app you can also export all customer registration as Excel for later import into your own CRM (customer relationship management system) with ease. Just with one touch of a button the export function will generate an Excel sheet with all individual customer data. This is a feature that normally is done after the trade show has finished.

Can Vivolead synchronise with our CRM?

It is possible to synchronize all customer data into your own CRM system if needed. This is an optional extra function and implementation process that requires that the VivoLead guys work closely together with your own IT-department to achieve this method. This method will save you a ton of time if done correctly – Contact us for an offer.

Where can I access from?

No matter where you are, on what device you are – you can always get access to you own private area of the VivoLead cloud system and do whatever you want. Upload content to the app, export important client informations – its your decision.

What if I need help instantly?

Ask us a support question any time you like and get a fast answer to your needs. Within the VivoLead Cloud system you can easily study other support question from other clients as well as you can send your own question to us. We will always answer your question the same day we get them.

Where is my trade show information stored?

We store all your trade show information within the VivoLead Clous system for later use to optimize, compare and make it possible for you to act upon previously trade show facts. You will also be able to filter client information based on countries, product informations and much more. Very valuable information for your company that no one else provides.

Is there a limit for stored content?

You can store as many trade shows or colleges, brochure content and more in VivoLead without being extra charged – you have the freedom of including any material into VivoLead as you like. 100 or 10000 products links, we make no difference – its your choice and the prices remains the same.

Does Vivolead use require technical skills?

At VivoLead we are experts in easy clean interfaces and in the Cloud system of VivoLead we provide you with most intuitive interface that anyone can handle without any prior introduction at all. – Just login and do your stuff at any time. Should you however have an opinion on design improvements we would always like to hear from you.

Is the above not enough? – then contact support by pressing the button below.