GDPR – European data security policy

The GDPR is a comprehensive regulation that unifies data protection in all EU countries. It will directly apply in all EU member states from 25 May 2018. The GDPR has a very broad territorial scope and will apply to any organization that manages the personal data of individuals who are based in the EU, regardless where the organization is registered. Non-compliance leads to severe consequences. Fines may amount to a maximum of EUR 20 million, or 4% of global annual turnover. The GDPR requires organizations to implement reasonable data protection measures to protect the personal data of consumers and employees against data loss or exposure. To achieve that goal, the law regulates all areas related to data management and processing, from obtaining user consent to setting up company-wide data protection practices and handling data breach incidents. This overview helps you to explore why the GDPR highlights encryption as an important technology measure to safeguard data. It also details how encryption, especially end-to-end encryption, helps your business manage data in the cloud in a GDPR compliant way.

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