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Use VivoLead’s self-service system in showrooms, at sales events, trade shows and much more

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Save time & resources

With our computer kiosk, your visitors can easily register themselves at the fair, and you save both time and money on manual registration. It's fast and easy.

Increased efficiency

With a self-service kiosk, you can collect valuable data about your visitors and their interests.

Instant access to information

Your customers can easily send product brochures to their own inbox and access all the information they need. This increases their engagement and knowledge of your products or services.

Professional and modern image

Our self-service kiosk shows that your company is technologically advanced and dedicated to delivering the best possible customer experience..

Improved customer interaction

Our self-service kiosk enables you to focus on building valuable relationships with your visitors, instead of spending time on trivial tasks like registration and handing out brochures.

User friendly

Our kiosk is intuitive and user-friendly, which means your customers can easily navigate and find the information they are looking for.

Self-service system with no maintenance

The system in completely automatic and locked into kiosk mode, making sure no other applications can be view on the screen when it is on.

We can built many functions into the systems:

– Order brochures
– Show products
– Show product info
– Newsletter sign-up
– Webinar / seminar sign-up
– Technical info
– Configurators
– Leasing & financial calculators
– List of contact persons
– Handling requests
– Show company presentation video
– Guest registration
and many other things…

Hold on to potential customers

When a customer makes a brochure request in the system, they also provide contact details you can use when promoting your products and services.

All contact data can be exported from the system to an excel sheet.


Customised to your needs

We customise the system to your specific needs, your design requirements, and your own content. That way you get exactly the functionalities in the system you want. 

Do you want customers to be able to get brochures, sign up for newsletters, and make financial calculations for purchase or leasing? No problem. These functionalities are only some of the many options VivoLead’s infostation provides to help you engage your leads.

Customer case stories



Used in combination with the VivoLead app on trade shows and is a good alternative to the VivoLead app when the trade show traffic is high


LM Wind Power

Used as a fully self-service system on trade shows and allow interested customer to order product information straight to their own email inbox. All contact information is provided in an Excel sheet after the trade show.


SWEP International AB

Used alongside with the VivoLead app on trade shows on 32″ screens where sales people easily could present the products range, show product videos and signup interested clients to their newsletter. All client information presented in an Excel sheet after the trade show to the client.