6 languages as standard

You can choose to run VivoLead in 6 different languages: (Danish, German, English, French, Spanish, and Chinese), as well as you can reply back to customers in the 6 same languages when it comes to our autogenerated response mail, which is a unique and welcoming way to address new potential clients for the first time.

This feature also does make it much easier to implement the mobile app into a sales organisation with colleagues from other countries since they can run the app in their own native language – at least for 6 languages, we support at the moment. (More languages are in the planning process as we speak…)

The fact that the mobile app of VivoLead is running in these languages as standard makes the learning curve extremely low and anyone can get started with VivoLead within 10 min. with a small introduction video.

If you would like us to implement a new language that is of importance to your business, you are most welcome to contact us for an offer – we can implement a new language in 3 weeks.