VivoLead advantages for the partner business


Offer your exhibitor clients that extra service that turns a trade show into a commercial success

Many exhibitors spend thousands of dollars on their exhibit display with fancy booth designs, impressive product displays and more – which in itself of cause is important and leaves a professional impression for any visiting client.

But what does it all matter if your lead registration strategy in not in place and handled with pen and paper, that makes the follow-up work to a nightmare for the sales staff.

For a small percentage of the entire trade show budget, you can secure your exhibitor clients a much more successful event with more business.

The big picture

Not many exhibitors know their ROI on their trade show participation – simply due to the fact that they capture customer lead data in an unstructured and non-digital format.

You might ask yourself – “Why would any company participate in a trade show without knowing the exact results?” when thousands of dollars are invested in exhibit displays and other related costs.

VivoLead provide the exhibitor with “The big picture” from it’s ROI graphical online dashboard built into every exhibitor account that will allow the exhibitor to measure and analyze customer trade show data the easy way.


What services are included once you have a VivoLead client?

– Modification of the standard app to reflect client needs
– Creating & setting up client online account
– Go through the system with the appointed client administrator
– Make sure all app content is updated
– Setting up mobile users in the client web account
– Provide training resources for all mobile users before the first event
– Inform about the VivoLead online intensive help system

What advantages does a VivoLead client have?

– Instantly reply back to leads with autogenerated mail
– Automatic OCR scanning of business cards and data import
– Export all lead data as an Excel file incl. filter options
– Send product information to leads
– Runs on both Android and IOS devices – tablet or smartphone
– Easy online web administration of entire system
– Register unlimited no. of leads on as many trade shows as needed
– Runs in 6 different languages and more can be added
– Customized to lead requirements and work smarter
– ROI online graphical dashboard with all the results
– Secure synchronisation of lead data to own cloud account


What is the difference between VivoLead and a rental trade show app?

You may ask yourself – “What is the difference – is it worth it?”

The simple answer is YES. VivoLead offers many other features that the rental app from the trade show center doesn’t. – see the list below:

– You only need 1 app for all your trade shows – easy administration
– You can skip the first follow-up when you are home from the event
– You don’t have to install a number of different apps from different trade show centers
– You get access to your lead data immediately
– You can filter on all your trade show data and export as Excel as you want

Why digitalization at all?

In today’s modern world of business, it is crucial to be able to act quickly and precise on inquiries in order to build up your business and leave a professional impression at your customers’ footstep.

Digitalization will furthermore allow you to optimise the way your company exhibit and give you the highest possible ROI on any trade show participation and furthermore, digitalization will allow you to automate a number of manual working processes that in the long run will give you more time with your customers and save you and your company for unnecessary costs.

VivoLead is the digital tool that provides your company and colleagues with all these features in one single system.