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In this partner section, you will find everything you need to promote VivoLead. You can download VivoLead logos, Images, brochures, and more that will help you to easily promote VivoLead.

If you would like to have any of the materials translated into your own language we are happy to help as long as you do the translation yourself.

VivoLead official range of brochures


The 6 pager A4 size brochure with in-depth information on the VivoLead product and ideas behind the product.


1 pager A4 size brochure that describes the usual situation when getting back from a trade show and how irritating the workload which is lying ahead of you now.


1 A4 pager size brochure with VivoLead customer testimonials.


A4 1 pager size VivoLead introduction brochure

Official introduction video (3 min.)

VivoLead exhibitor introduction    

Download the introduction video here
The introduction video is placed on YouTube here
You can download the English speak here for translation into your own language

How to make a simple lead registration in VivoLead (2 min.)

Simple lead registration in 2 min.

Download the instruction video here
The instruction video is placed on YouTube here
You can download the English speak here for translation into your own language

You can use the official VivoLead 3 min. introduction video and the video that shows you how to make a quick lead registration in 2 min. on your own web site or simply embed it from YouTube directly onto you own website in 2 sec. or you can download both from our server for offline use and more.


You also have the possibility to have it produced in your own language as long as you help us do the translation into your own local language. To do this download the English text file press the link to the left – then translate it and send it to us.

The VivoLead mobile app is available in the official app stores like Google Play and IOS iTunes app store where customers can download mobile for their wanted device either Android or IOS.


As a Chinese app user, you are able to download the app from the PP Assistant app store (Alibaba) since both Google Play and iTunes app stores are banned in China.


Link Google Play store:


Link iTunes app store:


Link Alibaba app store: TBA

When a new client has decided to try/purchase the VivoLead system they will automatically receive a 5 step email onboarding series from VivoLead – you don´t have to do anything as a partner. This should minimize your support time to a minimum – if any at all.

These support emails are offered in English as standard, but users can switch to either a Danish, German or Chinese version if wanted and they are sent to the client with a 2-day interval.

The 5 steps includes the following:

Step 1: Setting up VivoLead:

Step 2: Setting up Media files

Step 3: Adjusting the mail template

Step 4: Create users

Step 5: App user training

Step more features: More Features


Apart from these setting up automated emails all VivoLead clients also have the opportunity to search for answers in our online knowledge base that contains more than 100 help articles each divided into chapters. You can find the VivoLead Knowledge base here: