iPad stand with lock

Get the iPad stand from us to your VivoLead Self Service Catalog system. The stand is easy to set up in less than 5 min. Price is DKK 1.895,- excl. VAT plus freight charges to your address.

Installation instructions for the VivoLead Self-Service Catalog System

Open this webpage on your iPad for easy installation!

Install the free Filemaker Go app on your iPad from the iTunes app store – Press the below link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/filemaker-go-18/id1438460792

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Download the your own Self-Service Catalog System from the VivoLead servers from the received link we had sent to you.

Open the Filemaker Go 18 app and press the folder icon in the top right corner with the arrow pointing in (see below)

Your VivoLead Self-Service Catalog app is located in the top line of your iPad download folder as show below – press it to select it.

Now you will find your VivoLead Self-Service Catalog app  as show below – press it to start the app.