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Add your trade shows

Before you can start using the VivoLead app, you have to add your trade shows in the web interface. This allows you to track which trade shows, you meet your leads.

Log in on the VivoLead web interface and navigate to:
App settings > TRADE SHOWS

  • select NEW
  • insert name of trade show
  • select trade show country
  • insert start date
  • insert end date
  • click checkmark

You have now created a trade show in the VivoLead app.

Learn more about events and importing trade shows in our Knowledge Base.

Setting up trade shows in VivoLead

Having trouble watching the video?  Download it here.

Do you want to import your list of trade shows?
Download our Excel template.

Products and Details

Make it quick and easy for your colleagues to select their leads’ interest in the app by inserting your products or product categories in the VivoLead app.

Log in on the VivoLead web interface and navigate to:
App settings > PRODUCTS

  • select NEW
  • insert product name
  • click checkmark

Check out our Knowledge Base to learn more about products and details.

Creating product categories in web dashboard

Having trouble watching the video? Download it right here.

Do you want to import your product list using Excel?
Download the Excel template.

Customisation of app details section

When modifying the VivoLead system to reflect your needs it is important that the information is clear and consistent in order to avoid misunderstandings and errors when our developers are modifying your special version of VivoLead.
To secure this instruction we kindly ask you to fill out the below form.

Please note!
In this form, you will be presented with all VivoLead standard info fields (image on the left side) that can be adjusted to your exact needs – there is one field per section in this form and you must submit your adjustments at the last page. You can always replace an existing standard field with a new wanted field or other values, – or even hide it.

Adjust VivoLead to your needs    
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