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Administrate app users

Create app accounts for your colleagues and let them in on easy lead registration using VivoLead. Log into your admin account, select users and begin. You can also invite, deactivate and send reminders to activate on your admin account.

Log in on the VivoLead web interface and navigate to:

  • select +
  • inserts user’s full name
  • insert user’s email address
  • create user password of minimum 8 characters
    • they create a new one when they get invited to use the app
  • click checkmark

You can also import a list of users. Check out our Knowledge Base to learn how.

Do you want to import users? Download our Excel template.


In here you can add all your colleagues and partners with whom you would like to share any outgoing email from the mobile app.

Log in on the VivoLead web interface and navigate to:
App Settings > COLLEAGUES

  • select new
  • inserts full name of colleague
  • insert email address of colleague
  • click checkmark

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