Using VivoLead app

You are just beginning on your VivoLead journey to easy lead tracking. On this page, you can learn how to use the app and all its great features. Check out the video and descriptions below.

VivoLead app FAQ

Within the email template section of the VivoLead mobile app you have the opportunity either to manually write and insert a specific email address or pick an email from a predefined list (created by your VivoLead administrator) of contacts/partners. You can add as many CC persons as you like.

We strongly recommend you to finalise all opportunity registrations at the specific sales event, may it be a trade show or sales meeting. You have an open window of 1 week after the sales event has finished to finalise your last opportunity registrations.

Yes the app can be used offline and the registered opportunities will be synchronized as soon as your device is online again.

Important: The OCR-scanner that scans the business cards an extracts the data can not be used offline. The lead registration must be manual. 

Yes. The iOS-app can run on iOS10 or never versions. The Android-app can run on Android.

No. You can register as many opportunities as you like.

In order to save an opportunity your must fill out “Name”, “Email”, “Company” and “Country” in the contact section.
If these fields are not filled out the opportunity will not be saved.

Yes. You can add as many activities as you like.

Yes. The VivoLead app supports the dictation function.
This means that you can dictate the notes attached to the opportunity.

The person logged into the mobile app will be signed as the sender of the email.

Yes. The app user can manually enter an email to CC or choose from a predefined list of colleagues/partners (the list is created by the administrator).

The reason why the app user can not log in to the app is due to either wrong password or email.
You can get a temporary password in order to create a new one.

In case of a forgotten password the app user can get a temporary password. This is done by clicking the “Forgot password” on the front screen. From here the app user fill out the email used and receieve a temporary password. This password can be changed in the app settings. Once the app user is logged in with the temporary password then go to “Settings” > “My profile” > “Change password”. Fill in the temporary password in the “Old password” and create a new one.


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