Why digitalization at all?

In today’s modern world of business, it is crucial to be able to act quickly and precise on inquiries in order to build up your business and leave a professional impression at your customers’ footstep.

Digitalization will furthermore allow you to optimise the way your company exhibit and give you the highest possible ROI on any trade show participation and furthermore, digitalization will allow you to automate a number of manual working processes that in the long run will give you more time with your customers and save you and your company for unnecessary costs.

VivoLead is the digital tool that provides your company and colleagues with all these features in one single system.

Time to market is everything…

You might not have the most inexpensive product nor the best quality – but the fact that you react quickly on any inquiry with a high level of professionalism puts your products or services in front of the customer.

Just by following these 2 simple rules you will be much more competitive than your competitors and far closer to your next deal than you think.

VivoLead offers you both and speeds up the way to your next deal


How much time do spend on follow up?

With VivoLead installed on your mobile device, you can skip the first follow up that you would normally do after the trade show has finished.

If you meet 100 leads at a trade show and we estimate that you would use 15 mins. on each lead to follow up (create “thank you letter” – find product leaflets – enter information into CRM-system and more). You are looking at 25 hours of work after you get back home to the office.

Would you rather not do something else in those 25 hours?


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