Client cases

We deliver to a number of clients within many different industries across the world

Reduce administration of leads at trade shows
“VivoLead offers scanning of business cards, and export of data, allowing us to digitalize the leads we meet at trade shows, so we can do a proper follow-up and hopefully land new sales opportunities.
Another cool feature is, that you can send mails to your leads instantly from the app as an autogenerated email, so you get an early digital hook into the customer.”
Rasmus Christensen, Marketing Coordinator
Vivolead helped us to get an overview from our trade shows
Vivolead is fairly easy to get started with. Just after a 5 min. video introduction all our sales people were able to operate the system on their mobile devices.
The system saves our lead data, which is important for us to have about our business.
Vivolead helped us to get an overview of our trade shows. The visualizing feature is good for everyone to understand and is easy to make a retrieval from”
Lene Domino, Export Coordinator
It has never been easier to track who has visited our trade fair
“At the WindEurope fair in Amsterdam, as a newly merged company, we needed a new common method for collecting contact data. The choice fell on the VivoLead Management app, which is intuitive and quick to operate for our sales consultants – directly at the show.
The app was adapted to our needs – some of which we could even do ourselves.  It has never been easier to track who has visited our trade fair.”
Susanne Kjaer Jebsen, Communication manager
Vivolead is simple and easy to use
“Vivolead is easy and simple to use.
We made our user interface on the Vivolead website,  for our lead registration.
It went fast and simple using Vivolead on the actual trade show when registering customers. Especially the business card scanning function for easy lead registration was a hit.”
Flemming Christensen, Sales manager
Our sales process at trade shows is now much easier than before
“We have been using VivoLead over the last 5 years both as far as the opportunity app and the info station is concerned with great results. This system has saved us all a lot of time and costs while being able to convert more leads into paying customers which trade shows are all about.
Using both the opportunity app as well as the info station in a combined environment is an ideal way to engage and register customers during events and at the same time easily capture client’s contact details as well as areas of product interest.
Preben Lind, Managing Director
A brilliant sales tool for any exhibiting company
“We started to use VivoLead in the summer of 2023 and we have now realized how inefficient things were done in the past where we spent numerous hours administrating leads after each trade show we participated in. 
Now with the VivoLead opportunity app installed on our mobile devices, we can effectively register and handle all our trade show leads in an ideal way that even brings more value to the table as leads are followed up instantly.
This is a must tool for any exhibiting company”
Michael Kofoed, Sales Director