Sales traning

Increase the sales value of your sale events by attending our sales training either at your primises or online

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When you have spend several hundred thousand dollars on a trade show event – why not ensure to get the most out of your sales efforts by attending our sales training – it is after all just a small fraction of your entire event budget – but it could mean everything in the world for you!

Why is sales training important?

Sales training before a trade show is crucial for maximizing ROI. It ensures staff are equipped to engage effectively with prospects, boosting lead generation. Well-prepared teams convey professionalism, confidence, and product knowledge, increasing the overall sales value.

Should have attended this course long ago
With this course, we learned how to focus on
the most important sales strategy when
exhibiting – This is a must-attend course for
any exhibiting company.

Michael Kofoed, Piffany Copenhagen

Convert more leads into paying customers
We went with the intensive course and got
all our sales processes fine-tuned for trade
shows – converting more leads into paying
customers as a result.

Preben Lind, Lind Dna

Just getting everything right
Trade shows can be hard to navigate in
but with the help of the people at VivoLead 
we got everything ready for the event – 
don’t miss out on this course.

Morten Holst, Creative Zoo

Companies that invest in sales training achieve 50% higher net sales per employee and a 12% higher profit margen (CIER 2022)

Increase sales at trade shows


Affordable pricing for any organization


Just before the event

  • Does & don’ts at events
  • Approaching clients
  • Registration process
  • Best practice
  • 2-hour duration


Intensive course

  • Tasks before the event
  • Behaviors during the event
  • Task after the event
  • Result evaluation
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Digital tools
  • 4-hour duration


Get it your way

  • Focussing on your needs
  • Result evaluation
  • Lead registration process
  • Tasks before the event
  • Tasks during the event
  • Tasks after the event
  • Efficiency tips for your company
  • Max. 5-hour duration

All courses are for 10 participants – extra participants €200 per person.
Driving costs will be charged per hourly rate of €90

Get to know everything?

Comprehensive reading that covers everything you need to know about trade show exhibiting that will take your sales efforts to the next level and convert more leads into paying customers.