The way you register your opportunities at a trade show can be the difference between success and failure for the entire event

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Exhibitors should trust our extensive experience in lead registration for trade shows, ensuring seamless data collection and follow-up. With our proven track record, exhibitors can confidently focus on engaging with prospects, knowing their leads are being efficiently managed. Relying on our expertise minimizes errors and maximizes the conversion potential of acquired leads.

How to use the opportunity app in 5 simple steps

Anyone can start using the opportunity app with our 3 min. video tutorial

Start registration

Press on the green plus icon in the lower right corner to start a registration.

Register contact

OCR Scan a business card with your phone and automatically extract text information


Select qualification values for the lead (can be customized to your needs)

Product info

Select product information you would like to share with the client like brochures, web pages, and videos.

Confirmation mail

Confirm your sales dialogue in an autogenerated email encl. with your product information.

Calculate your savings in costs & time

Check it out your self based on your own figures when using our app

Intro video

Check out our 2 min. video intro

What are our customers saying?

With more that 500,000 opportunity registration among our clients over the past 6 years tells it all – With our solid easy to use system you can get in control, and save time and money along the way and convert more opportunities into paying customers

The VivoLead lead registration app is
intuitive and quick to operate for our sales
consultants directly at the event and it has
never been easier to track who has visited
our trade fair.

Susanne Kjaer Jebsen, Siemens Gamesa

VivoLead is an easy-to-use system.
With this tool, we have saved a lot of time and
resources. This is a big advantage for us. We
will definitely use Vivolead in the future

Kathrine Jacobsen, Eltronic A/S

We made our own personal user interface
on the VivoLead admin website for our
opportunity registration. Later we downloaded
all the opportunity data, again easy and
simple, into our CRM system.

Flemming Christensen, Kärcher A/S

Digital opportunity registration

Efficiency in capturing and organizing leads in real-time and streamlined process enables instant access to vital prospect information, facilitating prompt follow-ups and nurturing relationships effectively.



Start package

Test system on 1 event

1240/1st event

  • Creating online account
  • Unlimited mobile licenses
  • App configuration (value €200)
  • Setting up users & content (value €300)
  • Online training of salespeople (value €400)
  • Setting up qualification section (value €300)
  • Creating & inviting users
  • Web administration


Whenever you have an event

  • 10 mobile licenses
  • User administration
  • Web administration
  • FREE support & updates
  • Graphical result dashboard

Save money by purchasing any of the below packages, if you already know you will participate in more than 1 event per year.

3 event package

Save 23% per event
€2400 €800 per event
  • 10 mobile licenses
  • Account access: Upon creation and 1 month after last event

5 event package

Save 25% per event
€3665 €734 per event
  • 10 mobile licenses
  • Account access: Upon creation and 1 month after ast event

10 event package

Save 32% per event
€6665 €666 per event
  • 10 mobile licenses
  • Account access: Upon creation and 1 month after last event

Additional extra mobile licenses per user: €16/user per. month.
Updating accounts with as per request: €199/hour
Web seminar for salespeople etc.: €400/session