How well do you perform at trade shows?

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<12 points

You are not using the real potential that trade shows offer your company.

In many ways, you will be able to optimize the way your company exhibits and how you handle your trade show leads. By changing some of the basics you will experience a much higher degree of new business opportunities as well as a better ROI

12-23 points

You have room for improvement.

You will be able to maximize the way you attend trade shows and with just a small set of adjustments to your current trade show setup you will get several advantages. By focusing on some key elements you will experience a higher ROI on your trade shows.

>24 points

You are a trade show star.

You do everything you can to get the best out of your trade show participation and you seem to have an unusually high working discipline when it comes to trade shows. VivoLead supports the way you work and offer you a way to store all your results online for easy access and presentation.

Get to know everything?

Comprehensive reading that covers everything you need to know about trade show exhibiting that will take your sales efforts to the next level and convert more leads into paying customers.